What is the 80/20 eating trend?

You may have heard this buzz phrase before, but for good reason. Say buy-bye to fad diets. Our in-house nutritionist has de-mystified the eating trend that celebrities are flocking to and gives us the real deal on why you need to know about it too. 

What is it?

As a tenant of a balanced lifestyle, the 80/20 philosophy involves eating 'better for you' foods 80% of the time, and indulging in moderation 20% of the time. Don’t worry about the math, but basically if you eat 5 small meals a day (35 meals a week), 7 of those are up for grabs. 

A vicious cycle

What's the problem with restrictive dieting 100% of the time? Regaining weight is more likely to occur when you rebound after depriving yourself of your favorite foods. This is the definition of 'yo-yo dieting'. Instead, commit to eating nutritious, flavorful foods most of the time, with planned splurges sprinkled in.
Many people who follow this principle credit it for being able to maintain a healthy weight and balanced lifestyle. A few to boot: Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba.

Our nutritionist approved 80/20 picks:

The 80%

Big Island Pineapple: "Treat this snack like nature's candy. 3g of fiber and natural sugars will keep you energized while satisfying your sweet tooth."

Salt & Pepper Pistachios: "Shelling these babies may slow down eating and serve as visible dashboard of how many you've consumed."

Pumpkin Seed, Raisin, & Spice Oatmeal: "Short on time for breakfast? Toss one of these in your bag. The combination of fruits (fiber), seeds (protein), and hearty oats (fiber+protein) will keep you full and happy until lunch time." 

Salt and Pepper Lentil Loops: "Naturally low in calories and fat, lentils provide a steady release of energy due to a combination of fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates. They are arguably the world's most nutritious food. These Lentil Loops take after their namesake legume, with 3g of fiber and 130 calories/serving!"

The 20%

Cocoa Mini Belgian Waffles: "Superfoods aren't just confined to the produce aisle at your supermarket. Chocolate and cocoa contain flavonols (plant-based antioxidants) that may aid in vascular health. You can eat these (in moderation) to cure your chocolate cravings without the guilt."



Will you give the 80/20 trend a try? Tell us in the comments.