Valentine's Day Lunch Box

Make the kids a fun Valentine’s lunch with these simple ideas!

Valentine’s is a perfect excuse to put a little extra love in the lunch boxes, too! I love to make my kids’ cute meals without all the excessive treats that seem to be circulating right about now.

I make this lunch for my older son. I cut the cucumber slices with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. The carrot hearts are pretty easy, too: before cutting the slices, cut a “V” shape in the top of the carrot and then a point at the bottom. Then start slicing it into several hearts. I also include NatureBox Greek Yogurt Pretzels mixed with NatureBox Cranberry Medley...I love the mix of the red and white (and pretzels are heart-shaped, too!). I also skewer some mandarin slices onto little heart picks from the craft store.

This is the same lunch, but for the younger crowd (or non-salad crowd, perhaps?). Instead of the salad, I did a sandwich. I use a heart cookie cutter and cut a heart in one slice of bread...replacing it with a heart cut from the heal of the bread. Simple and easy!

Happy Heart Season!

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Kristi Dominguez is a former event planner and part-time graphic designer. She blogs at where she tackles projects to turn her cookie-cutter home into something more exciting. A lot more exciting.