Sleepover Snacks

Sleepovers not at all about sleep, but all about the snacks. Serving simple, but creative snacks make it fun for everyone (even the parents!). Mix things up by serving a variety of salty and sweet. 

One of my faves? NatureBox Mini Belgian Waffles topped with a small dollop of whipped cream and a blackberry. They’re bite-sized perfection. The NatureBox Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix in the small bowl is perfect for nighttime noshing, too. 

And of course, some delicious popcorn is a must to get through a movie or two. This NatureBox Coffee Kettle Popcorn is such a yummy treat...if the parents don’t eat it all first!

A fun portable drink/snack combo is also a great idea. Ice cold milk topped with some NatureBox Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels is always a hit. The straw makes a great place for the pretzels to stay put.


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Kristi Dominguez is a former event planner and part-time graphic designer. She blogs at where she tackles projects to turn her cookie-cutter home into something more exciting. A lot more exciting.