Indulge Your Midnight Munchies— Guilt Free!

We’ve all been there - the sun has set, the house is quiet, you’re finally done washing dishes from dinner and settling in for a Netflix sesh when you start eyeing the pantry…. The midnight munchies are kicking in.

Now we’re not going to tell you to resist the urge to snack (who has that kind of willpower anyway?). But something about the dark of night makes processed junk food especially alluring, so it’s smart to have some better-for-you snacks on hand for when the cravings strike. That’s where we come in... NatureBox is offering 50% off all snacks


Something sweet…

Our Mocha Almonds are sweet like candy, but with 5g of protein per serving and waaay less sugar. Dusted with real cocoa and coffee, they have a bolder flavor than a boring box of malt balls form the candy aisle (and you can eat more than 3). 

Mocha Almonds

190 calories

¼ cup/serving

5g sugar

Chocolate malt balls

190 calories

3 malt balls/serving

26g sugar


 Craveable crunch…

Put down that greasy potato chip! Get all the crispy, crunchy goodness (and a lot less sodium) with a handful of Lightly Salted Carrot Chips. Kettle cooked and seasoned to perfection, you’ll forget you’re eating a vegetable.

Carrot Chips

150 calories/serving

55mg sodium

4g fiber

190% Vitamin A

Fried potato chips

160 calories/serving

170mg sodium

1g fiber

No vitamins


Easy cheesy…

Enjoy a cheddary, savory snack that’s not covered in bright orange powder. Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps have a milder, more refined flavor than typical cheese snacks and are made with genuine high-quality cheeses (and protein to boot).

Cheese Crisps

140 calories

6g fat

180mg sodium

6g protein

cheese puffs

150 calories

10g fat

300mg sodium

1g protein

To help you get started, NatureBox is offering 50% off your first purchase today!