Happy Hacks: How To Pack The Best Lunch Box

How's that lunch box lookin'?

Sandwich in a clear baggie, an apple or banana tossed into the mix with a cup of pudding? That array may suit your needs but there are easy ways to jazz it up. Fret no more, we have easy, actionable tips for making the best lunch box ever - for either you or your kiddo. Read on!

1. Infuse bottled water. Next time you pack a thermos or bottle of water, add a couple slices of fresh fruit of herbs. This provides an oomph in flavor in an easy, natural way!

2. Use cupcake wrappers. If you have some extra cupcake wrappers, use them to jazz up your bento box! Simply add a handful of seeds or nuts for quick portion control.

3. Pack foods to help you feel full longer. Add some whole grains or nuts to your lunch box to make for wholesome sustenance to carry you through the afternoon longer. We love adding our individually wrapped Figgy Bars like Whole Wheat Lemon Figgy Bars, as well as nuts like Harvest Nut Mix, Cinnamon Spiced Almonds and more!

4. Don't fear leftovers. When you're prepping dinner, try making a few extra portions so you can easily pack it up for lunch the following day.

5. Change it up. So that you're not having the same leftovers or the same banana-peanut butter sandwich every day, create a menu for yourself to keep your taste buds guessing! For instance, Monday's menu can be leftovers from your delicious Sunday dinner; Tuesdays can be noodle salad days, Wednesdays can be hummus-veggie wrap days, and so on.

What are your expert lunch-packing tips? Share with us in the comments below or across social media using #natureboxlunch!

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