Are You Eating These 4 Foods Everyday?

Sure we all learned about the food pyramid in grade school, and how we’re supposed to eat some of every food group with every meal. But are you really getting all the macronutrients you need? We get it, life happens and you don’t always have time to plan and prep healthful, wholesome meals (wouldn’t that be nice?). But just be sure these 4 foods are part of your day.  To help, NatureBox is offering 50% off all snacks in each food group. 


Fruits and Vegetables. Your mom was right--eat your veggies! It’s good to have some fresh produce with each meal to get your vitamins. But in case you didn’t have time to hit the farmer's market last Sunday (or any previous Sundays) there’s snackable versions. Dig into a bag of Dried Mango or Lightly Salted Carrot Chips for your daily dose of vitamin A. Meanwhile our Sea Salt Cassava Chips and Garlic Plantains are good sources of vitamin C (and very tasty).


Protein. Awww protein, the basic building block of muscle tissue. It’s easy enough to include lean meats and lentils on your grocery list, but it can be tricky to find on-the-go sources of protein. Plant protein from seeds and nuts are a good option, but for the most bang for your bite we recommend Jerky snacks for animal protein, like our Sweet Jalapeno Jerky.


Carbs. Carbohydrates get a bad rap, but they help keep you full and energized throughout the day.  There is a smart way to eat carbs--look for foods made with whole grain (which is higher in fiber) instead of processed grain (higher on sugar). Many of our Cookies are made with fiberful wheat flour, like our Mini Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.


Fat. Believe it or not, fat is a requirement! It’s a major source of energy and helps your body absorb vitamins (see #1). The key is moderation and eating the good kind of fat (unsaturated). Yes, there’s such a thing as “good fat.” Our favorite snack for good fat is Almond Butter, which tastes great as a spread (or straight from the jar). But just about anything from our Nuts page falls into this camp.

To help you get started, NatureBox is offering 50% off your first purchase today!